I’m NIKKI TAYCO and I am a Royalè independent distributor. Welcome to my personal ROYALÈ blog called  Be Healthy & Wealthy with Royalè.

Typically on an average day, I would be busy with work related stuff because I manage our traditional business which is a small drugstore that supplements the medical practice of my husband, or go on mommy-mode and be a typical mom to my three teen children, wife to my husband and homemaker to my family.

In the first quarter of 2014, we met Royalè and our lives were never the same again! How? This is why this blog was created as I teach and share with you how Royalè has remarkably changed the way we think about business, financial literacy, time freedom, character building, values formation, healthy lifestyle and enjoy a lifestyle that is dictated by what we want out of life as I believe that we were meant to have an abundant life. If you are interested to earn extra income from a home-based business, want a residual income or looking for ways to be healthy & wealthy, then you are in the right place as this website will open your eyes to new ways of earning, not the traditional way but a BETTER way. This website will also teach and share with you how you can earn and at the same time help people with their own journeys to financial and time freedom.

With the proper mentoring and guidance, you can do the business the right way through the effective strategies, trainings, tips and ways to maximize your earning potential. Our slowly-changing financial mindset helped us immensely in growing the business. Furthermore, I believe that Royalè’s proven system is the solution to fulfilling our dreams.

So if you are ready to start making money at home to acquire time and financial freedom, go ahead and follow me in this blog as I share with you our personal journey with Royalè, for true success and happiness means having complete freedom and fulfillment. Make this life-changing decision now. This is Royalè!


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